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Stone Carving


We have very good stone working capabilities and work primarily on natural sandstone although we can work with marble as well. We mostly use beige coloured but also have access to white and pink coloured sandstone as well. Apart from hand carvers, we also use the following machines/equipment:

  1. Turning machines of various capacities to turn up to 4 feet dia.
  2. Drilling machines to drill holes up to 4" dia
  3. Band Saws to cut big blocks
  4. Circular saws with 4ft dia blade
  5. Overhead cranes for smooth and quick movement of stone blocks


We have master craftsmen to hand carve products as per design and size specification. Our team of 50 can be ramped up very quickly as we have the infrastructure and capacities to undertake small and personalized orders to larger project work.

Our reproduction products are such good replicas of the originals in terms of proportions and looks that many terms them as "antiques of tomorrow" and add to the value of the property.

Have a look at our range of products shown on this website and if you do not find what you are looking for, please write to us at and we will be glad to look at developing products for you as per your requirement.

Our Brands :

Cassa Group of Companies are manufacturers And Exporters Of A Wide Range Of Home And Garden Architectural Products Which Include
Ironmongery For Doors And Windows, Teak Wood Furniture For Dining Room, Living Room, Bed Rooms And Kitchens
Cast Aluminium Outdoor Chairs, Tables And Benches,Fire Surrounds And Accessories, Sandstone Fountains And Features For Gardens,
Indoor And Outdoor Lighting Products, Weathervanes And Sundials And Much More……